55th Anniversary Social

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Chairman’s welcome


Fellow pioneers and friends it is my pleasure on behalf of St Mary’s pioneers center to welcome you all to this celebration on the occasion of our 55th anniversary.

I was fortunate to have been raised in a home where the pioneer’s movement was regarded as very important. My late father was a life long pioneer and co founder of St Mary’s center. I can remember from a young age my father cycling to Beaufort in all weathers and seasons to attend meeting of the center. Naturally I became interested and joined the pioneers in Cullian School. I was proud to be a member and still feel it was a major help to me as I grew to adulthood. I have always worn my pioneer pin and found it a help to spread the message of temperance.

I joined the council thirty years ago and have remained active in the association over the years. I have been chairman for the past three years and I wish to thank my fellow council members for their commitment and dedication. There are ten members on our council and while we strive to do our best, none of us are getting younger. There for I wish to appeal to some younger pioneers in our parish to get involved because the future of our association rests with them.

The pioneer movement has served this country well   and it’s the responsibility of those of us who are lucky enough to be members to hand on the spirit of temperance to future generations it saddens me to realise the problems that society is facing due to the abuse of alcohol. As a country and indeed a parish community we urgently need to face up to the problem of drugs and alcohol.  The pioneer association has a valuable role to play in providing a health and spiritual alternative.  It is of course up to each individual to chose their lifestyle but we in Beaufort pioneer center would sincerely urge more people to consider what this association has to offer. Finally may I say that there was never a grater need for the pioneer movement and once ageing I apple for younger pioneers to become active and involved. We need their youth and enthusiasm to take our great association forward for the next fifty-five years.


Michael Foley


St Mary’s Pioneer Centre

Beaufort P.T.A.A.

55th Anniversary Social Friday 21st January 2005


To all Beaufort Pioneers

The last time I wrote was for your 50th or Golden Jubilee Publication. Believe it or not the answer is no, it didn’t take that long. Beaufort Pioneers have been actively involved in Diocesan Activities for a long number of years. Their prowess at Quiz is well known throughout the length and breadth of the country. They also achieved great success in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. The diversity of talent within the Beaufort area is fantastic. The centre has held the Presidency of the Diocesan Council for ^ years since the 1960’s which is a record within Kerry.

In 20043 the Diocesan AGM was held for the first time in Beaufort and Michael Foley the President of the Centre gave all a warm Beaufort welcome. The centre had a display stand on the night and over the cuppa all were very impressed with its content. They even had a place in the web and no doubt will be using it to promote the association.

In Today’s world it is not easy for the association to keep going because society has changed since the centre was founded. I am happy to say that we all can take heart from the excellent work and achievements of the Beaufort Centre and long may it continue.

Every centre relies on people who give their time and talents to the association and for the benefit of the Parish. These and those who have gone before them deserve our gratitude for a job well done.

To conclude the article, I wish to congratulate on behalf off Kerry Diocesan Pioneer Council everyone involved in Beaufort since the centre was formed some 55 years ago. Especially, the organiser’s of their 55th Anniversary Celebrations.


Every success for the next 55 years.


Michael Quinlan

President Kerry P.T.A.A.