In History, Our Parish by Pete Coghlan B.A. by admin


Dear Fellow Parishioners,We live in perhaps the most picturesque and scenic part of Ireland. We, who have lived all our lives in those parts, do not realise that phenomenon, until some stranger points it out to us. Our mountains are ever changing hue, “Ag bagairt a gcinn thar dhruim a cheile”, our valleys, our streams and rivers, our woods and copses and our level fields of well – cared land.We are a pure rural community and have no big central town or village, but are wedged in between two expanding towns Killarney and Killorglin, which continually try to lay claim to any note – worthy items which we may have, whether they be people events or even places. However, in modern times we are inclined to assert ourselves and claim our rightful place in the face of the earth.

We may not posses much of the good things and wealth of this world but we are a hardy industrious race, so that poverty which has stalked and still stalks so many parts of the world, has never shown it’s ugly head amongst us, even in the worst of times. Emigration was our great bugbear in the past, but since the introduction of rural electrification and piped water in our homes, things have very much changed and instead of exodus of people many have returned to take up employment in building houses and it’s allied occupations.

I often wonder if the history of our emigrants, in all parts of the world could be recorded, what an interesting volume it would make of how much those unsung heroes and heroines have contributed to the building of many nations.

Yes we can be proud of our environment, our people, past and present and of comparable freedom from pollution and commercialism. Long may we remain so and may our future generations take example and courage from those that have gone before us and from those that are still with us.

Rath De orainn go léir.

Peter Coghlan, B.A. H.D.E.