KPR Charity Horse Ride

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KPR would like to thank all those who help out, financially supported or sponsored this event. The event was lovely and raised €1500.00

kpr charity horse ride adventure 24 june 2012 contact josie 0877445094 anna 0876798049 tom 0877945380 donal 0876683677 nicole0894298774padai c 0876765050padai o0879405466phil0872026641claire0877645668 hope you can make it


Welcome to Kissane’s pony rides. We are open for business and have been working with horses,ponies and donkeys for over 25 years. we love the outdoors and now offer a lovely lead pony ride on our sweet little mares- so if never been in the saddle before be sure to check us out .We are 12 miles from Killarney and have a lovely white stone ring to ride around.
Our main aim is to get little ones up and enjoying a pony ride not really for the experience rider.

KPR horse ride cost €5.00.

So come along and check us out.

Will be all saddled up when the sun is out and away when its grey and wet.

Bye now Josie and gang. 0877445094