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A Message from Dr. Michael J. Loftus

Congratulations to Beaufort Pioneer Centre on a very significant occasion, that is its Golden Jubilee. I feel honoured to submit an article to the Beaufort Pioneer Booklet.

The P.T.A.A. since its foundation by Fr. Cullen and his four friends one hundred years ago has played a very significant role in the life of our country through its ideal that is “the practice of temperance for the special spiritual motives which the association presents to its members”. It has reached into every corner of the country, practically every home and has helped develop and make life so much better for thousands and thousands.

For myself P.T.A.A. is special. Having helped me in so many facets of life. In the teenage years my big ambition was to be a member of the various grades of football teams and to be alcohol free – I was convinced helped my fitness and this it undoubtedly did. I was lucky to be selected on some great Mayo teams, we had outstanding success and great celebrations and as a pioneer I partook and enjoyed every moment of it as did over fifty per cent of the Mayo All Ireland team of 1950 – 51.

Later I had the privilege to be elected Uactarain Cumann Luth Chleas Gael, a very prestigious position, involving numerous meetings, social occasions, travelling throughout the country and overseas and I enjoyed every minute of it as I was always fully able to give my full commitment.

There is now a culture carefully promoted in Ireland that “alcohol is a must to enjoy life” suggesting that it is impossible to have a satisfying and enjoyable life without alcohol. From my experience as a footballer, administrator, family doctor I strongly disagree with this contention, quite the opposite in fact.

Finally may I say never was the need greater for the P.T.A.A. as of now.


Dr. Michael Loftus